About Digital Sarthak

Digital Sarthak is a national digital entrepreneurship and empowerment programme of Digital Empowerment Foundation supported by USAID and DAI.

The main objective of the project is to increase the digital capacity of the Women entrepreneurs and community development organizations in marginalized and underserved regions in India by providing them with digital up-skilling support and strengthening their ability to engage on digital and ICT policy issues.

The project will strengthen and build their organization and management capacities in social and economic activities, services, transactions, trade and commerce with basic and value-added digital skills and training towards better access, use and benefit from digital resources and opportunities.


Impact Stories

Digital Sarthak: Testimonials from Women Entrepreneurs

Here are a few stories from the women entrepreneurs who are being trained in digital tools in the district of Alwar in Rajasthan. The unique theme in this month’s stories has been the focus that the Digital Sarthak trainers have kept on the importance of building confidence in women. All the trainers have emphasized on…

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Digital Wallets Increasing Purchasing Power

Nirmala Chandel runs a grocery shop in Guna. She had an interest in digital tools so she joined the digital Sarthak program. She has started using WhatsApp, Facebook and Telegram to increase her reach and approach new customers.

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Optimising Time Using Digital Technology

Puja Devi from Siladon, Jharkhand is running a tent house. The digital Sarthak training has helped her develop digital skills. She uses Telegram, WhatsApp and Facebook to increase the visibility of her enterprise.

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